Following the planetary spread of Covid-19, with the consequent closure of the borders, the African journey of 7MML has been temporarily suspended, but the association assures us that they will resume as soon as possible, with even more desire to document and help.


On 1st March the team of runners from the 7milamiglialontano cultural association set off to document the sustainable agriculture and energy supply project promoted by the CELIM association.

This is not the first nor the only African route planned for this year’s trip linked to the H2oPLANET project, which envisages a series of trips up to 2025 along most of the planet’s coasts to document the state of water health.

Photographers, videomakers, professional journalists and “simple” travellers provide free of charge professionalism, heart and energy to rethink our relationship with the planet and with a fragile resource: water. In doing so, they will raise funds for non-profit project partners.

Promotica supports part of 7MML’s projects by creating licensed travel and leisure products as prizes in loyalty campaigns, a way to spread the positive values of the association more quickly and create significant brand awareness.

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