Minigreeny: a special promotion for the international customer Delhaize Serbia

We are proud to announce the launch of the campaign for the client Delhaize Serbia dedicated to children and with the aim of conveying a healthy diet.

The protagonists are the Minigreeny, new superheroes, plush toys shaped like fruits and vegetables with a sustainable soul. A line made of recycled materials that was created to promote a healthy diet and a greater consumption of fruit and vegetables, thanks to a playful approach and a concept that is both educational and fun. The offline collection program is also enriched by an online strategy conveyed through the MiniGreeny ™ _App and dedicated social channels, for a greater involvement thanks to a multi-channel approach.

“The realization of this campaign – says CEO Diego Toscani was a challenge for us, not only for its international character, but also for the particular typology. The leap in quality in this case was the use of our exclusively produced awards, a green and sustainable line created together with Grani & Partners S.p.A. which I thank for the collaboration. “

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