For Promotica rings the bell of Italian Stock Exchange

November 27th was the first day of trading for Promotica on the Italian Stock Exchange market dedicated to small and medium-sized companies. The opening of the market was preceded by a virtual event, with the Borsa’s welcome and the traditional ringing of the bell.

Fabio Brigante, Head of Mid & Small Caps Origination Equity Primary Markets, Borsa Italiana, commented: “Today we welcome Promotica on the Borsa Italiana list dedicated to SMEs with high growth potential. Never as in this period the listing represents an important opportunity to capitalize the company and finance its development. We believe that thanks to the capital raised, Promotica will continue to increase its commitment to innovation, consolidating its position of excellence in the loyalty market”.

“The landing on the Italian Stock Exchange represents the beginning of a new growth path, which will see the realization of the already started program of expansion and consolidation in Italy and abroad” says the CEO Diego Toscani who adds “I would like to thank the whole team of Promotica for the work done, it’s certain that human capital is the key to the success of any development project, and the investors who have believed in us, understanding the uniqueness and quality of our proposal”.

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