Promotica at the Finance Gala of Integrae Sim

Promotica was also among the protagonists of the Finance Gala organized by Integrae Sim last November 4.

It was an extraordinary opportunity to meet and get to know the financial world and the enterprise world through sharing and confrontation with the minds and talents who founded the companies. An environment full of excitement that open the doors to future connections, collaborations capable of bringing change, innovation and progress.

During the evening Promotica was awarded the Valsabbina Special Prize for Technological Evolution. This is the motivation, which is also a confirmation of the value of the path taken by the company in terms of #innovation and customer care:

“Promotica operates as a technological partner to design, organize and manage all kinds of operations and promotional campaigns aimed at building customer loyalty, proposing itself with a proactive approach as a consultant for promotional planning and development and implementing marketing actions that aim to: increase sales through consumer loyalty, improve brand advocacy, increase the share of wallet, increase the frequency of visits and the volumes of spending. “

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