Promotica for La Storia Dentro

An interactive art installation that investigates the relationship between history, society and the individual, relating the “Ten Days of Brescia” and the pandemic and proposing a reflection and a message of rebirth. This was La Storia dentro (photo gallery), created by the artist brothers Giuliano and Roberto Radici and exhibited in Largo Formentone in Brescia between June 29 and August 11.

“This is not the first time that Promotica supports art, but at this time we believe it is even more fundamental to cultivate projects that aim to generate an exchange with the community, to welcome its voice, in the effort of a collective reflection on crucial issues,” said Diego Toscani at the inauguration, where the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Brescia, Emilio del Bono and Laura Castelletti, were also present.

At the foot of the work a banner on which anyone passing by could leave a piece of their own history.

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