“Luck is blind, but for a really winning contest, you need to see it through”

Luck is blind, but for a really winning contest, it is necessary to see the long-term: you need experience,  competence, creativity and precision in operational management. We develop all kinds of competitions: traditional (scratchcards), online, telephone, SMS or through social networks, supporting you in the legal and fiscal part, and managing delivery of prizes. Organizing a contest allows you to make lead generation, in other words, to acquire new profiled contacts, launch new products or services and foster brand awareness.

Campagne Trade Loader


For a truly effective catalogue, able to acquire and strengthen customer loyalty, you need above all, rewards with a strong appeal, engaging communication, precision and accuracy in management. We carry out non-stop research on market & consumer trends, we create catalogue visuals and promotional materials, we create a web portal to support ordering chosen prizes directly online, sending notifications to keep the interest alive, all guaranteed by a speed of delivery of the prize, to amaze those who receive it!


We organize for your collaborators catalogues/incentives, competitions, contests, and rewarding plans, selecting as prizes the novelties of the great brands and TOP experiences in our beautiful country. In addition to the graphic design, we create IT platforms to be combined with the printed catalogue (with a dedicated site, or with the company intranet) where employees can check the balance of points and order prizes. Delivery of the prize is made through an ad hoc logistics network, with the possible preparation of custom packaging.

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“Increase sales in the short term and build strong relationships between retailers​”

These initiatives give an immediate, clear and profitable boost with a positive sales roi (return on investment). A goal achieved through meticulous attention to detail, constant monitoring of the progress of the operation, focus groups to test the impact of the promotion and highly collectible products with the right look and feel, and high perceived value. This is the only way to influence consumer behavior, and create brand awareness, increase sales in the short term and build solid relationships between retailer and customer.



Tactical promotions must be organized with competence and accuracy at every stage: easy and well built mechanisms, creative and stimulating communication, an irresistible choice of rewards, perfect management of logistics. We provide a dedicated team that allows you to benefit from all services: from R&D to product development, from large-scale purchasing capacity to the business intelligence department, which works to provide the best trade-off between product and promotional mechanics.

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“A mix of ingredients, combining both entertainment and educational concepts for young consumers​”

The formula seems simple: let children have fun. But it must be done with respect for the values of the brand, and focusing on quality content, because fun must also be educational. Promotica can count on a creative office of excellence, a great expertise in purchasing and a very efficient logistics department. A mix of ingredients such as to be able to entertain young consumers with educational concepts, arousing positive emotions from families, store staff and management.


We organize award ceremonies to deliver super prizes during promotional events, such as competitions.




Surprise, Enthusiasm, Loyalty.

We want to make the winners feel exclusive stars of the event so that they feel satisfied and rewarded for their loyalty, with benefits for the Retailer that can achieve a loyalty increase, and expand the sense of belonging and community that develops around it.
We select exclusive locations and create special scenic settings, catering with top
chefs, demonstrations and tastings with excellent wine and food. Our staff manages all phases, from contact to reception, and a group of professional photographers and videomakers is available to create unique communication contents.

Informing, Involving, Knowing.

Whether we talk about rewarding experiences, benefits for selected clients, incentives for employees and collaborators, the common denominator is the possibility to create, through sharing, emotional connections that increase brand loyalty. We try to make every moment special, by selecting relais and farmhouses in the most beautiful villages of Italy, studying sensory and emotional storytelling itineraries, organizing excursions to cities of art with lunches and dinners in specially selected restaurants. We also provide dedicated transfers and a support staff, for a 360° service.

Taste & Culture Days

We organize weekends dedicated to bio-diversity and the art of Italian food
processing, to understand, learn, share and have fun.





We create “out of the ordinary” experiences, in order to activate your client’s emotions, building positive links in order to improve loyalty to the brand.




Emotion, Fun, Loyalty.

You can make your customers experience being a real driver in exciting test drives on the track in racing cars, or on the road driving top class supercars, or turn them into sea wolves driving a sailboat. 5-star experiences where, in addition to putting themselves to the test, customers stay in exclusive hotels, take part in panoramic tours, experience the thrill of sleeping in a roadstead or spotting dolphins. Customers will be the real stars, and will be fully conquered thanks to a constant wow effect.

Informing, Raising Awareness, Orienting.

We are able to drive companies’ commitment to the charity sector, in the belief that continuity and centrality of social marketing initiatives are differentiating elements able to strengthen the brand identity and have a positive impact on employees and customers. Exclusive dinners, enriched by artistic performances and meetings with VIPs, exhibitions in beautiful settings and ad-hoc installations designed in the name
of sustainability, all without ever forgetting the main goal: solidarity.


Promotica actively participates in various solidarity projects in the role of main sponsor, offering its operational support in the creation and management of events, such as dinners, exhibitions and charity auctions.





Promotica offers cooking classes that enhance relationships and social interactions, reflecting current trends in healthy eating, local products and environmental sustainability.




Involve, Teach, Enthuse.

We offer multiple solutions to bring colleagues, customers, suppliers and
collaborators into the kitchen to have fun and learn together, through courses that develop organizational skills and creativity, and invite you to discover the magic of flavors through a multisensory experience. The theoretical-practical courses, which can last from half a day to a whole weekend, include dining together and tasting what has been prepared, or perhaps ending with a dinner in a high level restaurant.

Motivate, Surprise, Entertain.

Experience, creativity and professionalism allow us to develop projects with guaranteed success, paying great attention to details, to the location choice, to the management of advertising and communication, to the scenographic setting, to the selection of catering, to the coordination of service providers and to the organization of entertainment activities. We take care of everything, thanks to a highly qualified staff and the collaboration with carefully selected, professional and expert partners.
You will enter the heart of your guests.


Corporate events are a moment of exchange, sharing and comparison. Based on your needs, we offer tailor made solutions to make any event unique and unforgettable.




Sector: MMR
Type: Contest
Objective: Brand Image

Nature rewards you

Cars, scooters and electric bicycles, but also activities in the open sea with Legambiente, are some of the prizes that Coop Firenze's customers were able to win over the course of 5 weeks with the great "Nature rewards you - La natura ti Premia" competition, simply by shopping. With a million euros in prize money and a launch event in the heart of Florence, during which a flash mob was improvised, the competition contributed to raising awareness among young people, highlighting the importance of acting for the future of the planet.
Sector: Pharmacy
Type: Catalogue
Objective: Customer Retention

A surprise for you

In 2020 Profar renewed the edition of the prize catalogue dedicated to customers holding loyalty cards, and purchasing from the parapharmaceutical sector. With the "A surprise for you - Una sorpresa per te" catalogue, the Profar consortium helps physical channels (pharmacies) to rediscover the consultancy role, allowing the construction of a path of trust through quality prizes.
Sector: MMR
Type: Contest
Objective: Smart Experience


A legendary motorcycle, a 4x4 car for off-road adventures, an e-bike to move around while respecting the environment: these are just some of the prizes that Coop Alleanza 3.0 ‘s customers were able to win over the course of 8 weeks with the great #2MilioniDiPremi / #2MillionPrizes contest. More than 1 million prizes won immediately in the 600 stores involved, by Coop Alleanza 3.0 and the other participating Cooperatives. The competition was combined with a short collection of baked goods, signed by the Italian brand Egan.
Sector: MMR
Type: Catalogue
Objective: Smart Experience


The first 2.0 catalogue is called "BeAppy" and was launched in 2019 to encourage Coop Centro Italia customers to use the App. With over 100 prizes, the app not only allows you to streamline participation procedures (via smartphone you can consult the catalogue, choose the prize and book it), reducing the environmental impact, but it becomes a tool for relationships between customers and the Cooperative in a dimension of digital mutualism that frames Coop's values in a modern dimension.
Sector: MMR
Type: Self liquidating
Objective: Brand Equity

With all my heart 2019

With the solidarity campaign promoted by Conad Nord Ovest, in the 5 weeks leading up to Christmas, customers were able to give concrete support to the excellent pediatric structures in the regions where Conad operates. By collecting the 16 characters in surprise bags from Santa Claus’ village, part of the contribution was donated to various charities. The self liquidating “With all my heart - Con tutto il cuore” was combined with a competition to win one of the trips to Rovaniemi, the Santa Claus village in Lapland.
Sector: MMR
Type: Short Collection
Objective: Sales Increase

Alessi the collection that loves the environment

Design meets sustainability: for 12 weeks Unicoop Firenze customers, by collecting stamps, were able to request the pots signed by Alessi, Made in Italy and created with 100% recycled aluminum to promote sustainable lifestyles. For each prize collected the customers had the opportunity to win exclusive dinners in Michelin star restaurants in Tuscany or participate in an Oscar event in a historic location in the heart of Florence.
Sector: MMR
Type: Short Collection
Objective: Sales Increase

Color Reflections

The collection by IVV, dedicated to Sigma customers of Consorzio Europa and Sigma Campania with the aim of generating an increase in frequency of visits and spending. The collection “Color Reflections - Riflessi di Colore” allowed customers to collect the blown and hand-forged glass products by the glass masters of the historic Tuscan glass factory IVV. Customers only had to collect the stamps required and add a contribution, or use their Sigma loyalty card points.
Sector: MMR
Type: Contest
Objective: Brand Engagement

You win with us!

The great prize contest “You win with us! - Con noi vinci tu!” of the Unicomm Group to celebrate its first 50 years of history. Promoted in supermarkets under the A&O, Famila, Emisfero and Emi brands, this contest allowed customers to win over 140,000 instant win prizes by a scratchcard received at each checkout. Loyalty card holders could also try their luck by logging onto the dedicated website and participating in the final draw for a Lancia Ypsilon Gold.
Sector: MMR
Type: Trade Loader
Objective: Sales Increase

Prizes for you 2020

The loyalty program is dedicated to customers who purchase with invoice at the national C+C sign of the Selex Group dedicated to Cash & Carry. The catalogue “Prizes for you 2020 - Premi per te 2020”, lasting one year, consists of prizes dedicated to the catering and hospitality sector, with a look at professionalism, functionality and design, in order to create an engagement aimed at a continuous strategy to increase loyalty and incentives.


Chefs for Life

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