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We make wishes come true
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We make wishes come true
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We make wishes come true
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We make wishes come true
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Diego Toscani CEO

In a global market, we bring the true Italian Lifestyle: design, ingenuity, a sense of good taste and beauty, to increase sales, loyalty and “brand advocacy”.

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Egan interprets color, design and home accessories with a contemporary taste.
Zafferano: Venetian glass art. Jugs, glasses, bowls and plates, handmade, of great quality and with an incredible style.
Brand founded by Carlo Giannini in 1951, who gives life to a revolutionary collection of steel homewares. Design for passion!
Ghepard manufactures light and flexible products, which are at the same time durable and resistant. Products for a comfortable and safe trip.
Easy Life gives life to the mise en place of an Italian dining table. Trays, cups, cake stands, plates, dining ware to share the best moments with family and friends.
IVV has handcrafted glass since 1952. Works of art handcrafted by expert Italian artisans, who have revolutionized the way of conceiving the dining table and the living room.

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Sector: MMR
Type: Contest
Objective: Brand Image

Nature rewards you

Cars, scooters and electric bicycles, but also activities in the open sea with Legambiente, are some of the prizes that Coop Firenze's customers were able to win over the course of 5 weeks with the great "Nature rewards you/La natura ti Premia" competition, simply by shopping. With a million euros in prize money and a launch event in the heart of Florence, during which a flash mob was improvised, the competition contributed to raising awareness among young people, and on the importance of acting for the future of the planet.
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Type: Trade Loader
Objective: Customer Retention

A surprise for you

In 2020 Profar has renewed the edition of the rewards catalogue dedicated to customers holding loyalty cards, and purchasing from the parapharmaceutical sector. With the "A surprise for you" catalogue, the Profar consortium helps physical channels (pharmacies) to rediscover the consultancy role, allowing the construction of a path of trust through quality rewards.
Sector: GDO
Type: Contest
Objective: Customer Retention


A legendary motorcycle, a 4x4 car for off-road adventures, an e-bike to move around while respecting the environment: these are just some of the prizes that Coop Alleanza 3.0 ‘s customers were able to win over the course of 8 weeks with the great #2MilioniDiPremi/ # 2MillionPrizes contest. More than 1 million prizes won immediately in the 600 stores involved, by Coop Alleanza 3.0 and the other participating Cooperatives. The competition was combined with a short collection of baked goods, signed by the Italian brand Egan.

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