We design, develop and implement loyalty solutions with the aim of increasing total sales, attracting new customers and increasing their loyalty. Our loyalty programs, such as prize catalogues, collections and competitions, combine proven software with engagement platforms to best reward customer buying behavior. The experience gained in over 2,000 loyalty programs allows us to design and build tailor-made loyalty campaigns in order to target consumer behavior, with the aim of achieving concrete and measurable increases in turnover and market shares.
We are equipped with a logistics platform, with a capacity of 40,000 pallets, with a rotation of approximately 200,000 pallets / year. We have a fleet of vehicles to ensure efficiency and punctual delivery, both nationally and abroad.

Logistic and shipping traffic is computerized, to constantly guarantee web tracking at every stage.



Promotica was born in 2003 with the aim of offering combined loyalty strategies. For us, every company is unique and different, but the fundamental need remains the same for all: to build a meaningful and lasting one-to-one relationship with their customers to increase their loyalty.


In 2008, the creative agency Demo, an art director, a copywriter, a professional video maker was acquired to give our clients the opportunity to build a communication plan as suitable as possible to achieve their objectives, aiming to enhance the strengths of loyalty campaigns and reach the set target.



To allow our graphic designers to be as creative as possible, in 2012 we inaugurated an exclusive office in the province of Brescia. A large space suitable for hosting all supplies and advertising material for campaigns.


In 2017 Promotica took its IT system to a higher level thanks to the hyperconverged and highly reliable SYNETO data platform. To create, manage and monitor online competitions and loyalty programs for large-scale distribution, we also acquired the development license for the Royalty One Experience platform.



In 2018, Promotion Magazine awarded us the Best Communication Campaign and we received a Special Mention for the Best Reward category thanks to #2MilioniDiPremi/# 2MillionPrizes campaign of Coop Alleanza 3.0. In 2019 we also won two important Loyalty Awards: Best “BeAppy” Prizes Catalogue created for
Coop Centro Italia and entirely managed via app, and Best  ompetition “La Natura ti premia/Nature rewards you” by Unicoop Firenze focused on environmental awareness.


In 2019, we launched the Chefs for Life association which, thanks to the most important Chefs and Pastry Chefs of the Italian and international culinary scene, raises funds to support organizations or associations that carry out activities of great importance from a social and health point of view. In 2019, in order to ensure a continuity of service, we adopted an IT Disaster Recovery Plan.



In order to make the range of tailor made services offered more complete, we welcome Kiki Lab – Ebeltoft Italy , a company with consolidated experience in the field of research, training and services for the retail world.

On 26 June Promotica changed its corporate legal form from S.r.l to S.p.A. A step that, in addition to formally sanctioning the importance acquired by the company, will guarantee Promotica and all its stakeholders the optimal characteristics of solidity and vision.

Providing people beautiful things and wonderful experiences to improve their brand engagement.

We trace the path of loyalty to give value to consumer behavior by bringing the true Italian Lifestyle into their homes.

Create engaging and
successful campaigns in the name of Made in Italy, capable of increasing sales and generating brand awareness.

Select and carefully choose prestigious awards of Italian quality and design, unique experiences and exclusive contents to create a personalized Customer Experience.

Involve the customers transforming them from spectators to protagonists, to generate positive impressions thanks to a constant wow effect, and a continuous process of brand engagement.

Italian passion for the loyalty world, customer care and attention to detail.

Empathy and honesty to create and maintain a relationship of esteem and trust with its stakeholders.

Reactivity and efficiency in every situation and high quality standards in the services offered.

Italian excellence at every stage of the supply chain, from designing the campaign to delivering prizes.

Teamwork to overcome boundaries and difficulties.

Ethics in developing and sharing long-term value through our commitment to constantly improve transparency, sustainability and the evolution of our work.