The fact that the Promotica Group website has a section dedicated to sustainability strategy is a fact that fills us with satisfaction. Here we start to publish some documents, our first Sustainability Report and our Code of Ethics, to tell you who we are, what we have done so far, and what we are doing to ensure sustainable growth for our company and the environment in which we operate.


We have recently started a process of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a gradual strategy, making us socially responsible towards our stakeholders, with the ultimate aim of qualifying as a model Group in the ESG field. Sharing the results and progress along this path is fundamental for us. Because sustainability is also interaction and exchange with all those who participate directly and indirectly in our business: employees, customers, suppliers, institutions, people with whom we share the territory and all those who are interested in getting to know us.


As we go along we will describe in detail the activities carried out and the future ones, the goals achieved and the objectives that we set ourselves, paying particular attention to aspects such as the well-being of people, technological innovation, action for the environment, support to the community and associations.


Here we will clearly express our path in and towards sustainability, highlighting the strengths and tools at our disposal, without forgetting that our journey, while being already a mirror of a deep-rooted commitment, is in the making, in a succession of objectives and goals aimed at continuous improvement.


We are a company with a commercial spirit, of course, but this does not prevent us from putting the environment and solidarity at the center of our activities, on the contrary. Through the entrepreneurial spirit we aim to be actors of a paradigm change, for a development that respects people and the planet.


We do not claim to be perfect, but we will work to make our path leave a mark.



  • Sustainability Report 2023: DOWNLOAD THE .PDF
  • Sustainability Report 2022: It tells us who we are, what we have done so far, and what we are doing to ensure sustainable growth for our company and the environment in which the Promotica Group operates. DOWNLOAD THE .PDF
  • Sustainability Report 2021: DOWNLOAD THE .PDF
  • Code of Ethics: PROMOTICA is particularly careful to promote the application of ethical principles to its activity. PROMOTICA’s attention to the promotion of ethical conduct has been reflected in the adoption of this document. DOWNLOAD THE .PDF
  • Code of Ethics – Privacy: PROMOTICA has the duty to focus on the protection of personal rights and to meet an adequate level of protection, collection and processing of data of customers and contractual partners as well as employees. DOWNLOAD THE .PDF

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